You’ll never know unless you ask.
Get the FAQs.

May I bring my child?

Sure thing. We’re a fam-friendly joint. Bring the kids to the diner and ice cream parlor anytime — with your supervision, naturally. The Pong building is open to children until 8 p.m. Same goes for the Yard, where it’s 21 and over after 8 p.m.

May I bring my dog?

Woofers. Puppers. Fluffers. Whatever you call them, we love us some doggos. Friendly, leashed dogs are welcome in all outdoor areas. Just be sure to clean up after those lovable poop machines.

How much does it cost to get in?

When it comes to covers, we’ve got you covered. Explore all our venues free of charge. Every once in a while, there’s a cover for live music. You can check that out on our Facebook events page.

How much does it cost to play Ping Pong?

Ping pong is free because we love you. Your bartender will be happy to supply you with paddles and balls.

Do you have vegetarian/vegan options on the menu?

Yes!! We have all kinds of tasty vittles for our vegetarian and vegan friends. And don’t forget the vegan soft-serve in the ice cream parlor. Noms. Check out the menus.

Can I eat outside?

So, here’s the deal. We want you to roam our entire grounds and have access to food wherever you are. That means food is available on virtually every part of the property. Just see our friendly hostess inside the diner. (Short answer: Yes.)

Can I bring outside food in?

We are Yes people, but this is where we have to draw the line. The good news? We have food options aplenty at your disposal. You may bring birthday cakes for a $40 fee. And it probably goes without saying, but please refrain from bringing in outside drinks. Much appreciated!

Can I do a private event?

Of course! Birthday parties, corporate events, divorce celebrations — whatever the festivities, we’ve got you. And there are plenty of nooks and spaces, inside and out, to accommodate you. Get your party started.

Can we play beer pong?

We’ll host beer pong events now and then, but beer pong games are discouraged in the Pong building. Feel free to combine beer and pong the old-fashioned way — drink it and play it, respectively.

How do I reserve the volleyball court?

It’s first come, first served. Sign up at the blackboard by the court when you arrive.

How can I book my band to play at Railgarten?

Hit us up on email.

How can I find out what band is playing and when?

Sign up for emails via any page on this website (see below) and follow us on Facebook.

Do you have TVs inside? What are they tuned to?

Our Pong bar has big screen TVs galore. If a TV is in your rented area, it’s yours to program. Most times we’ve got it tuned in to sports, music videos and movies.

What’s showing on the outdoor screen?

What ISN’T on the outdoor screen? Depends on our mood. Could be an ’80s classic movie, a high-profile sporting event or a live music festival. Just be sure to check our Facebook page for details. Or ask your trusty bartender.

Can I make a reservation in the diner?

When it comes to diner reservations, we’re old school. That means first come, first served. If you have a group of 10 or more dining in, hit us up here.

Do you have Ping Pong tournaments?

We do! Follow Railgarten Pong Club and stay up-to-date on all Pong-related activities and deals.

Do you have volleyball leagues?

You can get the scoop on volleyball tournaments and events on our Facebook page. 

What about parking?

We have that too! Check out the handy map below to find nearby parking spots.

When you arrive, be sure to look for signs indicating when and where you may park. We love our neighbors so please show them some love by being respectful of their parking areas.